Perfectly Present Wedding Dress Styles

Many brides-to-be will be upset about their own wedding style. How to match to make yourself the most sparkling female leading role and perfectly present the wedding style? Today I collect six outfits that are suitable for different brides. Hurry to choose the style that is the most suitable for you!

The long classic fluffy unique wedding dresses 2015, diamonds, pearls and wedding veil are all essential elements of a classic traditional wedding.

This light gauze wedding dress in ancient Greek style floats elegantly in a breezy beach. Under the sunshine, a bride who has the holy radiance of goddess appears vividly in front of us.

The match of a short wedding dress and a pair of high-heeled wedding shoes is an outfit which is extremely intimate while not very solemn. And irregular geometrical shapes can perfectly reflect the fashion sense.

Holding a wedding in a large hotel with dainty decorations shows the wedding couple are either wealthy or noble. Therefore, the bride’s outfit can be comparable with those Hollywood stars’ outfits to make herself vigorous. And matching some vintage jewelry will also make the bride more demure and elegant.

Choose a wedding dress with embroideries which is suitable for the lush garden wedding, match it with some flower accessories and enjoy the outdoor party which has a natural fragrance of flowers!

Why not choose a lace a line wedding dress which has dainty craftsmanship, smooth fabric and simple silhouette? Matching it with exquisite, simple and classic accessories can make your semi-formal indoor or outdoor wedding have great taste.

Elegant and Fresh Wedding Gowns

I believe that many girls including you in childhood imagined such a scene that you wear a princess wedding dress which has the same style as the dress that the female leading role wears in fairy tales and stand in the church to accept Prince Charming’s marriage proposal; then the princess helps you wear a ring whose diamond is big like the “pigeon egg” and you kiss each other. Today I’ll recommend some elegant and fresh wedding gowns for your reference and help you realize your princess dream.

The illusion neckline has become a fashion trend of cheap 2015 wedding dresses. Decorations of lace patterns or three-dimensional flowers on it enhance the contrast of light and shade, which makes the whole look more sexy.

Impressive A-Line V-Neck Natural Sweep-Brush Train Tulle Ivory Cap Sleeve Buttons Wedding Dress with Appliques and Beadings CWWT14009

The addition of some decorative tinsel patterns on the fabric will instantly make a simple strapless wedding dress glow with charming luxury.

This is an exquisite and lovely one-shoulder short wedding dress. Its ethereal texture is very mild, which makes the whole look very spiritual.

This classic halter white wedding dress is simple and elegant. And the exquisite decoration of a flower which is made of illusion fabric on the neck looks very graceful and also upgrades the bride’s taste.

Simple lines of a lace deep V wedding dress foil the fabric texture. When this dress matches with a long pearl necklace, the whole look will be eye-catching enough.

Summer is coming. For brides-to-be who want to hold their weddings in summer, a fresh wedding dress can be the most suitable!

The Choice of Wedding Shoes—High-heeled Shoes

You’d better purchase wedding shoes for bride before customizing your wedding dress and take them together to try on your wedding dress. In that way, the length of customized wedding dress will be very suitable.

Stilettos are the most classic style to mostly embody a woman’s enchantment and sexuality. A pair of exquisite stilettos matching with a wedding dress or evening dress will make your body natural and tall and also make your leg lines more slender.

High heels of thick shoes can instantly make you look 5-10 centimeters taller than before and also increase your tender feminine flavor. Compared to stilettos, a pair of thick high-heeled shoes will make you more comfortable, steady and demure. It will also bring you a neutral temperament which has a kind of solemn sense.

Wedge-heeled shoes break thin high-heeled sandals’ dull design of “heel and shoe sole”. They are stable and can instantly adjust a woman’s body proportions. Because of the large area of shoe heels, wedge-heeled shoes have more space for creativity than thin high-heel sandals in design. And they can match with different wedding dresses in different styles.

In a word, stilettos are enchanting, thick high-heeled shoes are solemn and wedge-heeled shoes are popular. Although their heels have different height and thickness, there is always one style that is suitable for you to make your behavior graceful and show your different temperaments.

In addition, the height of shoe heels also has a close connection with the groom’s height. Choosing shoes with suitable heels can make the bride and groom a better match. However, if you never wear high-heeled shoes in daily life, don’t force yourself because high-heeled shoes will make you walk in an unnatural way, make a show of yourself at the wedding and even make your feet twisted. Actually, flat shoes can be as attractive as high-heeled shoes. So why not choose a pair of simple and beautiful ballet shoes? Exquisite white eyelet fabrics and ribbons on ankles will make you very graceful.