Five Suggestions of Winter Wedding

1.Food principle: hearty dinner
The formal and decent wedding feast will definitely gain all wedding guests’ satisfaction and praise. Try to choose the finest ingredients and increase the number of calories in food. Meanwhile, meat and desserts will be more favored by guests. In addition, you can also match them with some wines and champagne.

2.Invitation principle: solemn and sincere
Surely wedding invitations should coordinate with the trumpet style wedding dresses theme. You can use relevant materials and decorations to reflect the unique charm in winter. Paper cards can increase the thickness and materials like leather or velvet can also replace it. In addition, feather, crystal and sequin are all indispensable elements for the clear winter wedding while replacing the ribbon bowknot with some wool decorations will better reflect the cozy style of the upcoming marriage life.

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3.Gift principle: warm and considerate
Sweet and warm wedding gifts will make guests feel a warm kind of gratefulness even in cold winter. Those knitting scarves, gloves, hot chocolate and wedding cupcakes are all great choices.

4.Site principle: destination wedding
If you still want to hold an outdoor wedding in cold winter, why not fly to tropical areas or the Southern Hemisphere? Those destinations are waiting for you to realize your dream. You can make a vow on the island, hold a fresh beach wedding, have a barbecue and enjoy the party time; also, you can take wedding photos in the Queenstown in New Zealand and see beautiful Australian landscape; in South America, you can celebrate your happy wedding with revelers.

5.Color principle: bold or fresh

Dreamy and Luxurious Wedding Dresses

Recently, a designer from Edina launched a wedding dress work which is made of over one million gems, shocking the whole fashion field. This week on her personal website, she published this work which took three years for the first time. This is a wedding dress which weighs 380 pounds and has a train with the length over 20.5 inches. It is really a combination of luxury and fantasy.
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This dreamy wedding dress will also have a permanent effect. Since during the working process, 995,000 pieces of jewelry are cost, including 500,000 glass beads and 400,000 crystals, this almost ensures that this wedding dress can set a new Guinness World Record.

“I think I will create the largest wedding dress in the world,” she told the Daily Mail, “I don’t know what is the record and also have no idea what to do, but the only thing I know is to make the largest wedding dress in the world.” The production of this wedding dress is still not finished. Previously, 22 tailors have spent 20,000 hours making it in the past three years. The designer declares that this ball gown wedding dresses will be totally completed in next month.

It is reported by Star Tribune that Gail started to string beading decorations in an Indian souvenir shop in Minneapolis 30 years ago and once won the first prize at the Minnesota fair. What makes her story more attractive is in the early 1990s, she was diagnosed with a blind person because of eye disease. Since then, she started to collect jewelry. And luckily, her eyesight gradually recovered through surgery and she began to string beading decorations again. For the moment, she has already created over 30 wedding dresses. Her works include beads that she collects from all over the world. And she cannot calculate how much she has invested on these works.

Although the model is eager to take marketing photos, the weight of near 400 pounds is really unbearable. But Gail told the Daily Mail that she is willing to display this wedding dress which is designed by her in films or in the museum. This wedding dress which uses over one million decorative jewelry breaks through the original “wedding dress with most crystals” in the Guinness World Record. That crystal wedding dress was sewn for five days in Turkey in 2011. The total amount is 45,204 crystals.

Christmas-themed Wedding Photos

Although it’s very cold at Christmas, Christmas-themed wedding photos should still reflect the deep love between the couple. Therefore, wedding photos’ angles and styles are different, but most of them aim to highlight the cozy scene. Now, let’s have a look at two main points of Christmas-themed wedding photos.

1.Christmas-themed apparels include a lovely red hat, a pair of red shoes and red clothes. If you want to match your wedding photos with the Christmas theme, the best matching way is choosing the right cheap empire wedding dresses.
When you take wedding photos, your chosen wedding dress should be mainly made of chiffon. And you can decorate some Christmas-themed elements appropriately at the waist, on the skirt and accessories. In that way, the Christmas theme will not only naturally combine with wedding photos, but people can also feel the festive Christmas atmosphere.

2.Couples should make beautiful postures with the guidance of the photographer to create three-dimensional lighting effects and grasp every beautiful moment. And especially on a snowy day, that kind of atmosphere will be stronger. You can listen to the familiar Christmas song, see those exquisite and chic Christmas trees, wear a wedding dress which has Christmas air and enjoy the view of the whole city which is covered by the Christmas air. In addition, you can also feel sincere blessings that surrounding people give to you and feel that you are the happiest in the world.