Bridal Gown Selection for Brides of Various Figures

10.29 COCO2016 c4Problem 1: Wry Shoulder
Halter designs are great at concealing the lines from the neck to the shoulders. Your wry shoulders may be concealed naturally by the stereo design on the corsage. Furthermore, you can distract the focus on your shoulders by selecting a wedding dress styles 2016 with stand collar design.

Problem 2: Small Breasts
Pick a high-collar design with pleats on the chest for yourself. Gorgeous gowns with straight neckline may do the work as well.

Problem 3: Big Waist
An eye-catching embellishment on the waist or the upper part may distract others’ attraction for your waist itself. Add pleats and flowers to your ball gown skirt and your waist can be narrowed down visually.

Problem 4: Flabby
Bridal gowns made of lots of fabrics can cover and keep your flesh in place effectively, while gowns with sleeves of translucent fabrics will conceal your shortcomings and make you more graceful at every move. If you’re wearing a straight neckline dress with wavy or scallop embellishments, your flabby stomach can be covered visually.

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Problem 5: Full-figure
As for the upper part of your body, make sure you’ve selected yourself a nice-tailored design. And for the skirt part, long skirts with bowknot embellishing shall be a nice choice, which not only lengthens, but also narrows your figure at the same time.

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The best man bridesmaid dress collocation

10.28 LBlace c1The wedding is not only the need for the protagonist’s dress appropriate, the dress of supporting can not relax, cheap lace wedding dresses is good or bad relationship to all the guests to your impression, need to be strict.
Bridesmaid in the whole wedding is very important, as an important role, so choose a suitable dress is very important. Bridesmaid Dresses must introduce the atmosphere, can not rob the bride’s thunder, bridesmaid at the wedding of focus can not be too strong, cover the splendor of the bride to attract the sight of guests is never to do, so choose low-key colors or other bridesmaids wear dress with a style or color, bridesmaid in amorous also become her best supporting actor.

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The best man in the choice of cloth can dress uniform, such as Chinese jacket, or formal suit or dress, clothing should be simple, color to black, do not choose white, white too conspicuous for the groom, wedding clothes only need to calm and stable can be. Do not choose the color of the other personality, which will make the guests feel that you are coming to steal the limelight.

How to choose the color of the wedding dress

When choosing a spring 2016 wedding dresses, the bride should not only consider their own body, but also the color of their own skin and the choice of wedding dress also have important relevance. In addition to the white wedding dress, wedding will also to propose a toast, to see a visitor out of replacement at least two sets of dress, then in the selection of other dress, in addition to pay attention to body modification tailoring the design of outside, also want to pay attention to dress color color and its own can complement each other.

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Skin is white: you will do not have the problem on the color of the dress, collocation will be more convenient, not too big problem.
Skin is dark: recommend you can choose some bright colors of the dress, can create a contrast between healthy sexy atmosphere, like black usually on the street, dressed in colorful clothing like jump off well, but can highlight a conflict and eye-catching beauty, but try this premise is, you must have an average of health and swarthy with a sense of glossy skin of a healthy, so glossy effect, to the perfect foil for his charming qualities.

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Graceful Sheath-Column Illusion Natural Train Tulle Ivory Sleeveless Zipper Wedding Dress with Beading and Appliques 

Skin is yellow: not try to look like purple, blue, cinnamon, lilac, Golden Lotus copper… The toned dress, purple, blue will make originally not white skin more show dark heavy sallow, and cinnamon, lotus root, copper and gold the tone unless it is skin white, otherwise it will with oriental people originally is yellowish skin and dress the false sense of fusion, completely unable to appear out of focus, the distance seems even not at the boundary of skin and dress.