Fashion trend for the pregnant mom

Satin wedding dress
Selecting forging wedding dress can make you even thinner. Of course, if the pregnant woman is afraid of cold, then you can choose a transparent lace fabric, which can keep the bride warm as well as beautiful.


Inverted triangle modified waistline
This design can give you some special feelings in the visual effect, which can play a modified role for the waist. The sequins and pearls for the whole wedding decorations play a finishing touch. This wedding dress is very suitable for the outdoor weddings.


We could know that the designer dresses for weddings for those pregnant women, the price may be a little higher than the common wedding dresses. The rental price is slightly higher than the average wedding dresses, and those tailor-made wedding dresses will have high rental prices. Although the rental price is slightly higher than the average wedding, its production and design can be exquisite. When the bride wear the wedding gown and gloves, holding flowers, then the belly could be decorated, which can be relatively small than ever.


The customized wedding dresses are suitable for pregnant women during pregnancy, although they may be adapted to each bride, this kind of wedding dress may not have so many future utilization. Not like the average wedding dress, such wedding dresses need high cost, so it is not recommended. But if you do need the tailor-made wedding dresses, then you should book the wedding dress at least two months before your wedding day.

Fresh summer wedding fashion guide: Design of bridesmaid Praise

The weather is getting warmer, we are looking forward to a refreshing spring and summer weddings. Timely recommended for everyone, bridesmaid wedding designs praise the Fashion Guide, White temptation, romantic and moving.


With respect to the predominantly white bridal gown, the bridesmaid dress from the style to the choice of colors to be much richer.
Today, small series for everyone to bring several soft fresh bridesmaid dress, let you make a fresh beauty.


Your local shop fabric or craft store can be one of the best places to find great patterns which can be used for designer gowns, but before you go shopping, you might want to peruse some of the options which can be made at the top pattern manufacturing websites. In that way, you can narrow down the style which you’d like before you start flipping through the styles of the wedding dresses which are at the craft store. From delicate nude color to the fresh green to elegant pink, from lap and then narrow section short dress elegant and romantic pleated skirt.

These factors make popular soft fresh bridesmaid dress more colorful, spring and summer wedding become a beautiful landscape.


Unlike the ordinary brides, what kind of surprise is prepared for you? Your sisters, whether you gorgeous as the rest?

I wish all prospective brides’ weddings can be held smoothly! I wish you a happy life. And wish all of you can be the best woman at that time, which can be called as the most important time in the woman’s whole life. Wish all of you can be very happy with your husband.

Five rules for winter weddings

Unlike weddings in other seasons, winter weddings have more limitations. But this is also a wedding season which can be the best time for the bride who wants to try some new ideas. Followings are five rules. Every road can lead to Rome; we can make a wedding become a surprise.

1, Modeling rules: Dreamy and shine
Winter will make the decorative things display their beauty to the largest extent. Crystal, diamond, sequins, feathers, lace, and all these adornments can increase the dreamlike effect. And the shape of the bride could be revealed very well. And the decorations can also let girls feel excited. Let the designer wave his magic stick to add designer dresses for weddings the dreamy atmosphere for your wedding ceremony. Furs, jewelry can mix together, which can make the bride be sexier and shinier. Those brides who like to put on makeup can also try romantic long eyelashes and sexy blonde dinner makeup.

2, filming rule: romantic and snowy
To be brave to try the snow scene! You will not only get the different pictures, you can also obtain a special experience. Choose a thick wedding dress, and collocating with a fur shawls, or you can also use a denim jacket, or a plaid shirt, or just a motorcycle jacket. The collocation can all be very attractive. Remember that the image is complemented by bright holding flowers.

3, decorative law: winter elements
Snow and ice elements can be used to build a kind of extreme romance, white and crystal ornaments are collected for weddings, the classic style can be very fantasy. Associated with winter natural elements, such as pine, wooden decorations, tie-in candles make the marriage be natural. And shiny adornments can show the ultimate luxury.

4, ground rules: warm and dreamy
Only the bravest new couples will choose the scene of the snow, but the cold weather will really cause some problems for the new couples and the guests. So, the banquet hall can be the best choice for the couple. Of course, the designer can set a lighting ceremony for the couple to create all kinds of dream scenarios. So you can choose one scene which you like as a warm indoor venue, and you can invite a good designer to begin your wedding!

5. Topic rule: it can be simple or complex
Winter is a romantic quiet season, but it is also a lively season for the new couple to hold a romantic wedding. Wedding theme may be pure and a snow like kingdom can also be very attractive. It can share much joy for you. For elders, they can choose their favorite red Chinese wedding dress to fit the theme of this season. Imposing style can be lively and pop. And the wedding dress can be very amazing and very luxurious. Everything which is not suitable in spring and summer, you can hold it in winter according to the theme.