The top wedding dress designer gives five recommendations for the prospective brides 2016

2016 fashion week has just closed. Those famous designers will give what suggestions to those brides who are going to get married? If you are going to pick one wedding dress, you can come and have a look at the 5 suggestions given by the famous designers.

For those brides who want to buy perfect wedding dresses
when you buy the designer wedding dresses, you are not the one who only wants to get a dress. Instead, if you try too more wedding dresses, you will feel tired.


Who should you bring to pick the wedding dresses?
Actually when you are going to choose the wedding dress, you’d better choose one friend to keep company with you. And when you try on the wedding dress, you can ask her to take a photo for you from the back side. Because of that there are many people will care about whether the back part of the bride is beautiful.

How to choose the most appropriate wedding dress?
You should forget the truth that you are a bride, and then you can choose a dress which you like and which can represent your temperaments.
When you find the dress which you like, then what should you do?

When you find it, you can take a video for yourself and find out whether it is comfortable to wear.
What is the key of a good wedding dress?

The good wedding dress can be viewed as the wedding dress with the characteristic never out of trend. After 20 or 30 years, the wedding dress is still fashionable. And when you have a look at the pictures, you can remember the period.

Sexy sheath wedding dress can be beautiful and elegant

Simple floor length wedding dresses are loved by the majority of the European women. Because of the simple characteristic of this kind of designer gowns, it is easy for the brides to wear out the fashion style. Nowadays, more and more brides are going to choose those simple straight line wedding dress. Today I will show you a wedding dress which adopts the simple cutting details.


This wedding dress adopts the simple elegant style and the gauze strapless design to show the beauty of the bride’s chest. At the same time, it can avoid being too sexy, gauze is used to cover the skin between the neck and the chest. When we think the place is revealed, it is covered actually, which can be very sexy and mysterious. And this kind of wedding dress can make the bride be elegant just like a lotus , though the design is simple, the bride can still be very elegant.

logoAnd the waistline adopts the popular design high waistline to make the bride’s figure line be more attractive. The delicate curve line of the bride’s waist can make people fall in love with the scene. And the floor length no trailing design can make it easy for the bride to walk in the wedding day. Simple embroideries are used to show a luxurious feeling in this simple design, which can be very elegant.

The big promotion of wedding fashion, the warm winter wedding dress design

Do you want to make the fashion index of your wedding been large upgraded? Warmly released! –2016 winter designer wedding gowns, not only has new appreciation of white wedding dresses, but it can also teach you the magic bullet, to improve the fashion taste of your wedding.
2016 winter wedding trends: rich layering and decorative jewelries on the shoulder

Note! This design is not suitable for those brides with shy personalities. In order to show the stature of the bride in the wedding day, you can choose thin transparent strapless design to highlight your figure, or you can also add some accessories in the arm part or the back part or the shoulders, which can have a shaking feeling when you are walking. The colorful collocation can give you the artistic beauty!


2016 winter wedding trends: sexy halter wedding dress
The design of exposing the skin is undoubtedly be very tempting now, and we can find that the halter or backless designs are very popular in the winter wedding 2016 Fashion Week.

2016 winter wedding trends: fantasy Lace
If you want to take the dignified style, and you don’t like the strapless design or the v-neck design, then do not be afraid! Perspective sleeves can satisfy conservative elegant brides who want to show the charming side of brides and meet their requirements. The lace fabrics around the arm and the collar bone line can even have the appearance of a tattoo lace sense, which can be really fashionable!

2016 winter wedding trends: classic wedding jewelries
If you do not use it then there is no need for you to patch it any more, these classic accessories can prove their lasting value.

2016 winter wedding trends: bohemian
Bohemian style has been popular for a long time, but it did not intend to disappear! We are very fond of those wedding dresses which use a lot of lace, and they can full of a sense of movement bohemian styling, which is shown in the Fashion Week.


2016 winter wedding trends; bold accessories
Not all the wedding accessories should have a crystal design. The 2016 winter wedding week also show the conspicuous accessories such like the bracelets, feathers and tassels with Egypt sense.