Sexy open chest bridesmaid dresses are sexy and attractive

As a girl, she will have many best friends who can keep company with them. When your best girl friends invite you to be her bridesmaid, I believe that nobody would say no to this honor. However, though this is a happy thing, it is not an easy thing. The heroine of the wedding should be the bride. And you are just a supporting role in fact. So when we are going to choose the bridesmaid dresses, we should pay much attention to it. We should not wear those too fancy clothes or those too common clothes. Now I will introduce one bridesmaid dress for you and I hope this can help you something when you are going to pick the dresses.

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This bridesmaid dress uses dark blue color as the main tune of the dress. And the shallow color can insure that you will not cover the light of the bride. And the design of this bridesmaid dress is relatively high end. The open chest design of the bridesmaid dress can be used to show the fashionable style of the bridesmaid. And the embroidered belt can also be used to make the dress be more elegant and high end. The light fabric can highlight the bridesmaid’s elegant temperaments.

Blue bridesmaid dress can show your slender figures

No matter you are going to choose the western weddings or Chinese weddings, you should have some bridesmaids to keep company with you. Though the bridesmaids are not the leading role of the wedding, they are also very important in the wedding, so this asks the bridesmaids to choose the right bridesmaid dresses to highlight the elegance and the nobility of the bridesmaids. And this kind of dresses should also be low key, because of that you are only the supporting role of the wedding. Now I will introduce a bridesmaid dress for you, and I hope this can give you some inspirations when you choose the bridesmaid dresses.


This bridesmaid dress uses blue color to show the youth of the bridesmaid. And this bridesmaid dress can also give us the lively and noble temperaments. The design of this bridesmaid dress is fresh and chic, which is suitable for those bridesmaids who with the age between 20 to 30. In addition, this bridesmaid dress is simple, but it also has some bright spots. The single strap design and the belt design can make the dress be more elegant and attractive. This bridesmaid dress can show the girl’s figure and soft feelings gently.More blog posts, you can visit CocoMelody.

Different bouquets should be chosen according to different seasons

Bouquets for spring:
Spring can be used to represent the new lives and every new thing. When the flower is blooming, everything would be full of vitality. If you are a romantic bride, you can choose the pink colored flowers.


Bouquets for summer:
If you are going to get married at summer, then you can use some light colored bouquets to make everyone fall in love with the summer. The beautiful flowers and the light colors can make people feel that they are in the countryside. The summer flowers have different styles and different collocating styles as well. No matter which one you choose, the summer taste would be added into your life very well. More blog posts, you can visit CocoMelody.

Bouquets for autumn:
If you are going to get married at autumn, then you have more choices than those who get married at other seasons. You can choose green things, blue flowers, or golden bouquets. There are so many different colors at this season, so you have many different chances.
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Bouquets for winter:
However, if you are going to get married at winter, then the choices could be little. You can choose white flowers in this case. And you can also choose those bright red flowers as well.
The choices can be made according to your own taste.