One Shoulder Wedding Dress can be Fashionable, Sexy and Charming

Have you ever tried the design of one shoulder? If not, then you can have a try. This design can make people very beautiful. Nowadays, more and more couples are going to go into the wedding halls. And now, when you are going to get married, you cannot just rent a wedding dress from the shop, with the improvement of economic level unceasingly, more and more brides are more willing to own a wedding dress for their own. And they can customize a set of unique wedding dress, so that the modern brides can release their own devil figure well, to create a beautiful and amazing wedding.

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This dress using high waist body design style to let the outline of the figure become perfect, all can show the bride thin figure. No doubt that fashionable empire wedding dresses can let the bride be sexier. The elegant lace embroideries can add luxuriant temperaments for the brides. Exquisite fancy one shoulder belt is one of the highlights of the wedding dresses. And this wedding can reveal the elegance of the brides very well.

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An amazing one shoulder wedding dress can add some shiny scores for the bride, so how to choose a right wedding dress can be the most important lesson for the bride.


The large train scatted around the place can reveal a luxurious atmosphere. The perfect draping feeling of this wedding dress is covered with multiple layers or tulle skirts, in order to create an elegant charm for those nifty and lively girls. Smooth fluffy skirt scattered slowly, like a blooming flower, which is beautiful and luxury. The overall feeling can give person a mature feeling. This is a very creative design of marriage gauze, is worth having.


The Choice of Wedding Shoes—High-heeled Shoes

You’d better purchase wedding shoes for bride before customizing your wedding dress and take them together to try on your wedding dress. In that way, the length of customized wedding dress will be very suitable.

Stilettos are the most classic style to mostly embody a woman’s enchantment and sexuality. A pair of exquisite stilettos matching with a wedding dress or evening dress will make your body natural and tall and also make your leg lines more slender.

High heels of thick shoes can instantly make you look 5-10 centimeters taller than before and also increase your tender feminine flavor. Compared to stilettos, a pair of thick high-heeled shoes will make you more comfortable, steady and demure. It will also bring you a neutral temperament which has a kind of solemn sense.

Wedge-heeled shoes break thin high-heeled sandals’ dull design of “heel and shoe sole”. They are stable and can instantly adjust a woman’s body proportions. Because of the large area of shoe heels, wedge-heeled shoes have more space for creativity than thin high-heel sandals in design. And they can match with different wedding dresses in different styles.

In a word, stilettos are enchanting, thick high-heeled shoes are solemn and wedge-heeled shoes are popular. Although their heels have different height and thickness, there is always one style that is suitable for you to make your behavior graceful and show your different temperaments.

In addition, the height of shoe heels also has a close connection with the groom’s height. Choosing shoes with suitable heels can make the bride and groom a better match. However, if you never wear high-heeled shoes in daily life, don’t force yourself because high-heeled shoes will make you walk in an unnatural way, make a show of yourself at the wedding and even make your feet twisted. Actually, flat shoes can be as attractive as high-heeled shoes. So why not choose a pair of simple and beautiful ballet shoes? Exquisite white eyelet fabrics and ribbons on ankles will make you very graceful.