How many collars can be chosen when the brides choose backless wedding dresses?

Flat strapless design
This can be a very popular design for those brides with the full chest, and it is also the conventional chest design in backless Wedding Dresses.
Good for: brides have broad shoulders and clearly collarbones.
Not suitable for: brides with flat chest.


Second, the card shoulder
The collar under the shoulders, the collarbone and shoulders, the sleeves can cover part of the upper arm. This type of clothing styles are mainly used in all women dresses. It will be very pretty if those brides with moderate or plump chest.
Good for: brides have busty, pear-shaped body.
Not suitable for: brides have broad shoulders, thick arms.



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Third, the sweetheart collar
Heart-shaped neckline, the shape is deep in the middle of the two sides is higher. This model is a good choice for the brides who have full chests, and it can be a good choice for those sexy brides. The sweetheart line wedding dress, can make the chest full, but it can also make you be more slender.
Good for: brides who have sexy and plump chests.
Not suitable for: those who do not want to bare the skin.

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Fourth,wrapping the shoulder
The wedding dress style is very similar to the card collar, but this collar requires more fabric, which can make your shoulder be more wide and soft.
Good for: brides have thick arms, prominent clavicle.
Not suitable for: the bride’s collarbone was not so obvious.
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