Ten Things that You Shouldn’t Do Before Wedding!

Here I will tell you ten things that you shouldn’t do before wedding! If you are going to get married, please take a look at cheap empire wedding dresses!

1.Change hair color
Even you have the best hairstylist, never change your hair color in this period. You must know that at this time, not only your hair color will be changed, but it will also affect your skin color, temperament and even your life condition.

2.Try on a new hairstyle
Never change your hairstyle in such an important period, even having your hair slightly trimmed. A little bit difference will affect the effect of your handpick accessories and crowns.

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Alcohol will directly affect your digestive system and physical state. It will even cause the skin disease.

4.Increase your exercise
You should do daily exercise step by step. Never be anxious for success and increase your exercise deliberately in order to lose weight.

5.Attempt to make your skin sun tanning
Many people are keen on the sexy brown skin. But you’d better not make any changes one week ahead of the wedding. You must know that brown skin cannot be created for only one week. Such a short week maybe cause a side effect.

6.Change cosmetics
Never try on new cosmetics. You will never know what kind of cosmetics will be bad for your skin.

7.Drink juice to lose weight
It’s true that juice is nutrient and low in calories. But if you want to lose weight in this period, never ignore its disadvantages!

8.Do the micro-plastic surgery
You have to know that any micro-plastic surgery in this period will damage the most beautiful moment in your life. So you’d better not go on adventure!

9.Stay up late
I believe that you know disadvantages of staying up late. Now that it is so bad for you, stop doing this right now!

10.Drink too much coffee
Maybe you are preparing for your wedding day and night, so surely you can have some coffee to refresh yourself. But too much coffee will destroy your skin condition and also affect your health.

Christmas-themed Wedding Photos

Although it’s very cold at Christmas, Christmas-themed wedding photos should still reflect the deep love between the couple. Therefore, wedding photos’ angles and styles are different, but most of them aim to highlight the cozy scene. Now, let’s have a look at two main points of Christmas-themed wedding photos.

1.Christmas-themed apparels include a lovely red hat, a pair of red shoes and red clothes. If you want to match your wedding photos with the Christmas theme, the best matching way is choosing the right cheap empire wedding dresses.
When you take wedding photos, your chosen wedding dress should be mainly made of chiffon. And you can decorate some Christmas-themed elements appropriately at the waist, on the skirt and accessories. In that way, the Christmas theme will not only naturally combine with wedding photos, but people can also feel the festive Christmas atmosphere.

2.Couples should make beautiful postures with the guidance of the photographer to create three-dimensional lighting effects and grasp every beautiful moment. And especially on a snowy day, that kind of atmosphere will be stronger. You can listen to the familiar Christmas song, see those exquisite and chic Christmas trees, wear a wedding dress which has Christmas air and enjoy the view of the whole city which is covered by the Christmas air. In addition, you can also feel sincere blessings that surrounding people give to you and feel that you are the happiest in the world.

Grasp Two Main Points to Choose the Right Wedding Dress

Is it your first time to choose the cheap empire wedding dresses? You will get upset for a long time if you don’t have any experience. And this will also waste time and have extremely low efficiency. In fact, you only need to grasp two main points, then you can choose the right wedding dress!

Have you noticed that the wedding dress fitting should be paid great attention to? During this process, you should consider suggestions from those professional custom services and then start your fitting. Next, let’s see some voice of experience!
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Grasp your style
1.Firstly, you can use wedding dress works or samples in magazines of the wedding dress store for reference to learn about different styles of wedding dresses. Surely, you can also listen to some brides who have been married. Before you go to the wedding dress store, you have to grasp your budget and your own style. In addition, you should also clearly know about services that the wedding dress store offers.

2.When you see those samples, never be tempted by those beautiful models on photos. You should know wedding dress styles that are suitable for yourself so that your chosen wedding dress can highlight your most beautiful side.

3.Measurements normally include your chest, waist and hips. Before you measure your body, you shouldn’t eat too much or lines of the belly and waist will be broken and the accuracy will also be affected. Of course, you have to write down those specific measurements.

Never be tired of fitting.
4.On the fitting day, you’d better wear clothes with zipper to make it easy to put on and take off. And remember to wear underwear with white shoulder straps in case the whole effect will be affected.

5.You should be never tired of fitting. Try to clearly know advantages and disadvantages of your figure and not to be tempted by those romantic wedding dresses or gorgeous gowns. Once you choose your favorite style, you have to determine the date of taking it home in order not to hit with others.

6.Your daily apparels are different from wedding dresses. So if you never wear a wedding dress before, you can use those professional custom services’ suggestions for reference and then start your fitting.

7.You have to ask those service staffs to also help you match accessories like earrings, necklace and etc. with the wedding dress. And when you make a contract with the store, you should write the content, price, date, and gifts clearly in detail.