The lawn wedding dress can be attractive

Brief introduction
You can choose a green or suburban villa garden or a lake or lawn yard and make delicate decorations. You can enjoy the mature couture wedding dresses together with your friends. And the atmosphere of the wedding would be chic and special. This kind of wedding is relatively elegant, delicate, fashionable and this kind of wedding has already been famous in western countries. The lawn wedding has already become famous. And many people will hold the wedding on the golf course.


The process
The layout of the outdoor wedding decoration is a key link in the success or failure of the wedding.
The necessary stage, background decoration can be used to add the atmosphere, and highlight the scene layout, heighten the effect of sound as well as the lighting arrangement. We can make special modification according to the characteristics of the environment to create a warm and fresh wedding scene. The basic style of the lawn wedding should be based on western style, in the design of the wedding, we should choose according to the conditions of the field and the characteristics of the new couple to specify the program.


We should pay attention to the weather, which can be an important point for the outdoor wedding, because the wedding plan will be last for a long time. Therefore, it is very difficult to predict the weather conditions on the day of the wedding. I recommend you to choose the wedding day in May or in the mid of the late autumn, because there will be less rain and less wind in such period, and the climate is pleasant.


How to choose the autumn and winter wedding dresses

If you are going to get married in winter, what should you pay attention to?


The first thing: you should pay attention to keep warm
Comparing to the spring and summer seasons, the winter can be colder. And when you chose the couture wedding dresses, you’d better not choose those wedding dresses made of lace, silk, soft satin or organza, which can make people feel cold. You could choose those wedding dresses made of thick materials. The solution: if the wedding dress is the off shoulder solution, you can use a shawl or a sleeved coat to keep warm. Some elegant gloves can also be chosen.


logoThe first thing: how to wear a sexy wedding dress
If you are going to get married in winter, there is not so many possibilities for you to be beautiful and warm at the same time. If you want to wear a strapless wedding dress, you can add some shawls which are made of fur or other materials. And the winter strapless wedding dresses can be made of velvet and thick satin.

Pick a favorite white dress to get married

When you get married, is it must for you to wear a wedding dress? Since white color is a symbol of inner purity which is like a child’s innocence, of course, you do not rigidly adhere to the wedding dress style. In fact, many stars also give such answers, she can pick a closet favorite little white dress and she can get married beautifully in this way. Moreover, it also coincides with the fashion couture wedding dresses. Brides need to pay attention to the white dress, which can make you become the most beautiful bride.


New York socialite Olivia Palermo’s wedding dress is bright and fantasy! She was wearing a suit designed by Cocomelody, full of elegance. The “nostalgia fashion” wedding dress was composed by three elements. Not only the cashmere beige ostrich feathers clothes is unexpectedly, a pair of white trousers make the wedding be more attractive. The bride is still very beautiful with the floral veil.


Beyonce’s sister selected a jumpsuit and a dress, which is absolutely full of personality!

Kayla married with a Chanel jacket with a strapless wedding dress and she entered the hall clearly. And her shoes are flat shoes. So comfortable and even some casual wedding dress made a lot of people feel amazing.

Supermodels did not choose a grand wedding dress but they will choose a simple sequin wedding dress. Beauty is beauty, though the dress up is simple, a flower on her head can still make her charming.

America’s wealthiest ladies, who got married with the former Beatles Paul’s, though these two people have millions of money, they still save money. The wedding dress is designed by cocomelody. And do you believe that a regal got married with this simple wedding dress?