Three dimensional printing skills can make the wedding dresses more close fitting

The principles of the 3D printing technology is that we should make 3D scanning to the bride, and then we can make a wedding dress which can perfectly fit the bride’s figure. And this wedding dress should be made according to the accurate data of the bride. And the application of 3D technology makes wedding dress design and production be more efficient and more precise. At the same time, the advanced technology will also accelerate the realization of personalized tailored designer dresses for weddings.


3D technology is used to scan the data of the human body into the computer, and then the computer will tell us the following steps. Designer of Suzhou wedding dress company said that the traditional wedding dress design need to sketch the picture of the bride first, then a 2D version of the division can be made by the computer.

A version of a wedding dress could be made in one day. Using the technology of 3D printing, the speed can be improved greatly. They can finish the job within one hour. Because of that it is a three-dimensional cut, the version is more accurate. And the renovation speed of the wedding dresses also increases. And the most attractive thing is that the 3D stereo lithography technology can also scan data of reality. This means that in the purchase of wedding dresses, we can use this technology to create a more close fitting wedding dress.

Backless long trailing wedding dress can make you very sexy

We can find that the modern women are more open when we compare them to those traditional ones. People’s view becomes more and more challenging. And they can accept those sexy wedding dresses. For example, more and more brides are willing to choose strapless or backless wedding dresses. Actually, for those modern women, exposing skin can be very common in these days. However, how to be sexy and elegant at the same time when you wear strapless or backless wedding dresses. This also asks a lot to the skills of the wedding dress designers. Now I will introduce a wedding dress for you, which has the backless design.


The wedding dress introduced here belongs to the simple backless designer dresses for weddings. The design of the upper part of the dress is very impressive; the front side of this wedding dress was made with sexy strapless design to make the bride’s figure be more elegant and sexy. And the brightest spot of the wedding dress is the backless design of the wedding dress, which can be very sexy and mature. The backless design of this wedding dress is made of good fabric. The backless design can make the bride be more elegant attractive. The bride’s elegance and noble temperaments at the same time very well, so we can find that the designer of the wedding dress is amazing.

Romantic trailing wedding dress, the lace embroideries can be very beautiful

Every girl has a princess dress and they all hope to wear a princess wedding dress to get married with her boyfriend. And along with the development of the economy, more and more common girls have the ability to make a romantic wedding dress like this. And here I will introduce designer dresses for weddings for you. You will like this romantic feeling.

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This princess wedding dress uses large trailing wedding dress design. This kind of wedding dress is very suitable for the church wedding. The long trailing can be used to create a romantic and luxurious feeling. There are many stars choosing this kind of wedding dresses when they are going to get married. This princess wedding dress uses the lace embroideries, if you see this dress with a close distance, the wedding dress can be very dreamy and worth having. The church trailing wedding dress can make the girl like a princess. Those romantic dreams can be realized since you wear the beautiful wedding dresses. This wedding dress is really worth having, you will like it, won’t you?