Bride can choose the color of the wedding dress according to the skin color (1)

As a bride, have you decided the color of your wedding dress? Do you clearly know the color of your skin? Do you know how to choose the color of your wedding dress? And do you know you should choose the color of the wedding dress according to your skin color?


Brides would choose beautiful designer dresses before the wedding, but the same wedding dress would have different effect when it is worn by different people. Because every bride has her own characteristics and their skin color would be different from each other. And the choice of wedding dresses is related to the skin color. So when brides choose wedding dresses, they should choose them according to the skin color of them.


If your skin is relatively white, and your skin care is very good. But your hair may be brown or some colors else, then you can choose a warm colored wedding dress like white color or milk white color. Only this kind of wedding dress can heighten the beauty of your skin color, and it can make you be more elegant and noble.

Double straps wedding dress can reveal the simple sense of luxury

In fact, the wedding dress is more dazzling, the effect would not be better. The selection of wedding dresses should be made according to the image of the individual temperaments and its body condition and other factors. All these should be combined to make a customized wedding dress. So their own image can be realized. Now the choice of the wedding dresses has increasingly been diversified. And the plain wedding dresses also loved by many brides. Then we will introduce a plain wedding dress for you.


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This plain designer dresses uses the thick satin as the main fabric of the dress. The thick satin is not like those chiffon or silk fabric, which is stiff. And thick satin can remain the design of the wedding dress very well. So many famous designers will choose thick satin to design the wedding dresses. And the high waistline can be used to highlight the waistline of the bride. The curve can be revealed very well. And the delicate embroideries can make the bride be more elegant. Another bright spot of the wedding dress is the double straps design, which can make the bride be more mature and elegant.

You look mature in plain satin wedding dresses

Nowadays the life rhythm is much faster than any other times, which influences the design of wedding dresses. That is to say, the tendency is access to simplicity. In western countries, especially in Europe countries, there comes a kind of simplicity designer dresses. Simple does not means not good, then let me introduce a kind of simple and elegant wedding gown.



This kind of wedding dress belongs to plain satin. The biggest character of plain satin is the use of satin with almost no embroider or so, fully depending on the fabric and design to highlight the image and temperament of the brides.


This kind of wedding dress shows some improvement compared with the traditional one. There are some embroider in the upper part of the wedding gowns. Moreover the biggest highlight of this one is its fancy double-shoulder buckles, which makes the bride looking more mature and steady.


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