Some little tips for brides to try on the wedding dress (1)

1.You should try on your wedding dress carefully six months before the wedding day. If you have worn the high heels for five years already, then you don’t need to worry about this. But if not, you should try on the wedding high heels to make it comfortable to wear.


2.When try on the designer wedding gowns, you should feel relaxed. And when you try on the wedding dress for the second time, you should do some exercise to keep your figure. Only this can help you be beautiful at the wedding day.


3.You can bring the wedding heels to make sure of the length of the wedding dress. If you haven’t decided which high heels to wear, you should just order one for you. When the wedding dress covers the high heels, people may don’t pay attention to your heels. But when you fall down, your heels will be shown. So your heels should also be chosen carefully.

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4.You can bring your underwear when you try on the wedding dress. And you should wear the underwear which can make your chest more beautiful. And this can help you to make you more beautiful. If the cutting details of the wedding dress is larger than the common clothes, then don’t worry, you can just wear the close fitting underwear. But you should remember that the color of the bra should be similar to your skin color.

Beaded luxurious wedding dress can show the noble temperament of the bride

Those embroidered wedding dresses can be used to show the identity of the brides in the western countries. And the beading embroidered wedding dresses uses the high end fabrics as the main materials. For example, the light chiffon, the elegant gauze, and the delicate embroideries, sequins, pearls, the delicate lace embroideries. All these can be sued to create a luxurious feeling. And the embroidered wedding dresses are meant to create a romantic feeling, which is favored by the higher class of the European. If you want to be elegant and noble, you can give this kind of wedding dress a try.

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logoThough the design of the designer wedding gowns is relatively simple and concise, other points of the dresses are also amazing. For example, the delicate workmanship, the amazing curves and so on. They can all be used to show the elegant and noble temperaments for the brides. And the close fitting design can show the sexy curve line of the bride. The delicate embroideries can make the embroidered wedding dress be extremely luxurious.

About the wedding dress design, what can be called as the new ideas

logoThere has been a long time for the lace has been used in the fashions. Since the 19th century to the 20th century, it had become more and more popular. Until now, lace has already become one important fabric for designer wedding gowns. Though lace has been made into the fashionable fabric, when I first got this word, I was still connecting it with young girls and princesses.


The pink dresses just like beautiful flowers. And the blue color lace can be viewed as the sweetness between couples. The pink color can be viewed as the color for girls and it is the representative of love. From spring to the summer, the flowers are challenge to be the most beautiful. The cherry blooms win with gentle characteristics.

Sometimes, the beauty can be viewed as simple characteristic. There is no need for us to make too much decoration. The simple color can make you become the elegant image which is envied by the other people.

If you add some pink color which is the representative of cuteness and gentleness, the dress can be very popular among this period.
If you use pink as the main color of your wedding ceremony, the pink color can make everybody fall in love with this kind of happiness.